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The Right Way To Wear Jointown Face Shield

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Why Jointown Face Shield

Wearing a medical face shield can help prevent the spread of COVID 19 infections, preventing germs from making contact with your airways and eyes. A medical face shield is transparent, ensuring that others can see your mouth and facial expression when you are talking. The ability to see your lips, and take cues from your facial movements, can be crucial when communicating with others.

Women wear Jointown face shield - Jointown mask - Jointown International

This feature is particularly important when communicating complex medical information, or when dealing with those who are hard of hearing, or people who may rely on facial expressions to help them understand others.

As Jointown face shields sit slightly away from the face, they do not steam up, so you always have good visibility, even when in busy environments. Because Jointown face shields are comfortable, you don’t need to adjust them, reducing the risk of infection transference.

Jointown Face Shield Protection

For added protection, you can wear Jointown face shield, which sits over your nose, mouth, and chin. By covering the airways, you further minimize the risk of germs entering through your mouth and nose. Jointown International provides high-quality face shield that can filter the air before it reaches your mouth or nose, helping to keep you safe.

While you can clean and reuse Jointown face shield, it is good practice to dispose of face shield masks after each use. You should also wash your hands after touching a mask to ensure that germs are unable to spread. 

A man wearing Jointown face shield - Jointown mask - Jointown International

You can easily place a Jointown face shield over your head using the elastic headband. The material provides a comfortable fit and holds the plastic shield just in front of your face. When removing the face shield, you can hold the elastic band, and the plastic face covering lifts off without the need to touch the potentially contaminated surface.

Jointown face shields are reusable, and by following a thorough cleaning regimen, you can ensure it is sterile before each use. You can use soap and water to clean the plastic material, while you can utilize sprays and wipes to easily disinfect the face shield mask, leaving it ready for the next time you need to cover your airways and eyes.

Don't Forget to Clean the Face Shield

You should always clean your medical face shield after each use, even if you have not come into contact with other people. As some germs can spread through the air, it is essential to treat your face shield as if it has come into contact with a contaminant each time you take it off.

Jointown face shields come with a custom fit elastic headband, have a fog-proof function, and protect your eyes and face from hazards. For a free quote, contact a Jointown International sales professional at


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