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Types of Office Masks To Wear At Work

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With the relaxing of lockdowns across the world and the return of many workers to their offices, some scientists are speculating there could be a second spike of the infection known as SARS-CoV-2.

The World Health Organization (WHO) believes one of the transmission methods is through the air and can occur when nearby people sneeze, cough, or possibly even when they talk. As up to 80% of transmissions are caused by people who have no symptoms, it’s crucial to wear office masks upon returning to work.

As this is a new experience, you may benefit from professional advice on the type of Jointown face mask that is most suitable.

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Home Made Office Mask vs. Jointown Mask

You may already have seen people who have made their own type of face mask from the materials they had in their home. While recent research suggests this is likely to be more effective than not wearing any kind of face covering, they may also have flaws that render them unable to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

It is difficult to make a homemade office mask that is a tight fit around the mouth and nose, and the material may also be porous, increasing the risk of catching or transmitting the infection.

Purchasing a surgical option from reliable brand products, such as Jointown Mask, could be an excellent investment in your health. Although there are different kinds, usually they come in boxes of single-use disposable Jointown masks. The intelligent design helps them to mold to the shape of your face for a secure fit, reducing the risk of airborne particles or droplets reaching your mouth and nose.

Manufacturers can also add layers and filters to further prevent infections from breaking your Jointown mask. Often designed with two layers and using materials with a tight weave, these masks can have filters on the outer overlay, which could stop airborne pathogens from reaching your face.

After use, you can quickly dispose of the Jointown mask and then use another. This is vital in an office environment where you could be in contact with multiple people throughout the day.

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Where to Buy Your Office Mask

Fortunately, Jointown mask can provide you with a range of surgical office masks at an affordable price, so you can walk into your office environment, confident that you are following medical advice by using reliable and professionally-made face coverings.

Visit Jointown Medical Devices dedicated face masks web page to choose your surgical office mask.


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