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Jointown Mask vs. Jointown Face Shield: Which Is Right for You?

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For now Covid-19 has changed the way we live and work, so it is important that we take the best preventative measures we can to ensure the health and safety of ourselves and others. Using a Jointown Mask or Jointown Face Shield is one of the key ways we can help keep each other safe. We take a look at the  face shield vs face mask so you can make an informed choice.

A woman wearing Jointown mask and Jointown face shield – Jointown International

Key Differences Between Jointown Face Mask vs Jointown Face Shield

The Jointown Mask is a disposable grade II medical mask, and whilst the CDC recommends a face covering be at least 2 layers, the Jointown Mask is made from a 3 ply breathable material. The Jointown Face Shield is a professional, reusable product which covers not only the mouth and nose, but the eyes as well, and can be cleaned and disinfected

Protection Benefits

Jointown Mask vs Jointown Face Shield, here are some of the protection benefits:

Doctor wearing Jointown mask and Jointown face shield – Jointown International

Jointown Mask

  • 3 layers for extra protection
  • Disposable, so less likely to cross contaminate
  • Fits seamlessly and comfortably to the face covering both nose and mouth
  • Soft adjustable nose tip ensures close fit and helps prevent fogging for glasses wearers

Jointown Face Shield

  • Covers full face including eyes and has adjustable band to ensure comfortable and secure fit
  • Less risk of infection and cross contamination when removing
  • Full length size and wrap around design providing more coverage than other face shields
  • Fog proof and lightweight

Different Masks For Different Settings

Choosing which Jointown face covering should be worn largely depends on which environment and setting you are planning to be wearing it in.

For those who are in contact with people who are deaf or hard of hearing, a Jointown Face Shield will allow the user to have their mouth visible when talking. 

If you are taking part in activities that can cause a disposable Jointown Face Mask to get wet, cause difficulties breathing or increase the risk of heat-related illness, or when working in an environment in which a mask could cause a safety concern, such as straps getting caught in machinery, a lightweight Jointown Face Shield should be worn.

If you are caring for the Covid-19 or vulnerable whether in a healthcare setting or at a home, a Jointown Mask is recommended.

The CDC recognizes that it is not always possible in certain situations or for certain individuals to wear a face mask, so a Jointown Face Shield can offer protection in these circumstances.

Which is Right For Me?

Whilst Covid-19 continues to spread, preventative measures should be taken. If you are able to, why not wear both a Jointown Mask and a Jointown Face Shield for double protection!

Further information on both the Jointown Mask and the Jointown Face Shield can be found on our product pages, but if you are still unsure which is best for your needs or would like further help, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Jointown International experts.



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