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How To Wear A Jointown Mask Correctly

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Many people are familiar with seeing medical professionals wearing a PPE protective face mask, but with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic continuing to cause disruption around the globe, they are becoming a more common sight in everyday scenarios.

If you are shopping, at work, or just mixing with others in public, a Jointown mask can help to reduce the spread of infectious airborne germs. Sneezing, coughing, and even talking can expel these microbes into the air, and someone else can then breathe them in, potentially spreading illness from person to person.

However, if you are wearing a Jointown mask, then you can significantly reduce the chance of both spreading, and catching an infection. Crucially, how to wear a Jointown mask is as important as wearing one in the first place. While there is available advice on the internet, you can also talk to a sales consultant at Jointown International for professional advice.

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Wash Your Hands

Before touching your Jointown mask, wash your hands to avoid transferring any germs to the sterile material.

Inspect and Place Carefully

Ensure there are no signs of damage to the Jointown mask, and then carefully place it over your mouth, nose, and chin. There should not be any gaps, as the air could simply go around the mask instead of through it. The purpose is for the protective face mask to filter the air to reduce the chance of infection transference.

Check Comfort

While the Jointown mask should be a snug fit, you don’t want it to be too tight, as you are more likely to then constantly make adjustments. This increases the risk of touching an infected surface and then passing it to your mask.

Dispose  Carefully

Always place a used Jointown mask in a bin straight after use to ensure it does not come into contact with surfaces, or other people.


Be Too Casual

You should not wear a Jointown mask under your nose, around your neck, or in any other position that doesn't cover your mouth, nose, and chin at all times.

Remove Too Soon

If you are within 1 meter, you must keep your protective Jointown mask on to reduce the chance of spreading and catching an infection.

Share With Others

Never share your medical face mask with other people. The mask, or the other person, could be carrying an infection.

 Medical Face Mask – Jointown Mask - Jointown international 

Final Thoughts

Wearing protective face masks is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of transferring infections to surfaces or to other people. It can also lower the chances of catching an infection from others. With Covid-19 ongoing, they are now an essential item for many people in their everyday lives.

Picking the right mask can be challenging, and professional advice can help you make the right decision. For expert consultation, contact Jointown International, or browse the fantastic range of Jointown mask online.


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