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How To Prevent Sweaty Hands While Putting On Medical Gloves

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Everyone has sweaty hands from time to time, but if you wear Jointown gloves when working, then this can exacerbate the problem. As staff in the medical and care industries need to wear gloves when treating each patient, they need to be particularly aware of how to prevent sweaty hands while putting on medical gloves.

Although having damp hands can be uncomfortable, the moisture can cause more serious problems. Sweating usually occurs when there is also heat. Moisture and heat combine to form a hospitable breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to the spread of infections in a clinical environment.

Medical staff are active, and this can raise the chances of perspiring. Stress is also a known precursor to stress, and care and medical professionals work in hectic and challenging environments. Unless you take precautions against the increased sweating, it could actually have a negative effect on your work, and subsequently your patients especially for Covid 19 patients.

In addition, because medical professionals need to change medical gloves regularly, they could even risk transferring sweat from their hands, to the outside of their next set of gloves, which is a serious risk to patient health and safety.

However, there are practical steps you can take to reduce your excessive hand sweating.

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1. Choose the Right Gloves

Jointown gloves that are latex free are much less likely to cause allergies, and therefore are better for your skin. You should also wear powder-free medical gloves that have reduced protein content, or are protein-free. If you can keep your skin in good condition and away from allergens, then you can reduce the chances of excess sweating.

2. Use Topical Creams

If you find that your hands continue to sweat even in the right medical gloves, then you can apply a topical cream to help reduce sweat release in the hands.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Although it may seem that the more you drink, the more you would sweat, this is not true. By staying hydrated, you can reduce your body temperature, and you reduce the amount you sweat.

4. Change Gloves Regularly

Even if you are not working with different patients, it is essential to change medical gloves  regularly. Your hands benefit from the cool air during the changeover, and they go back into a dry, fresh set of gloves.

Introducing Jointown International Medical Gloves

At Jointown International we supply latex, powder, and protein free medical gloves that can help to avoid an allergic reaction, and to reduce excessive sweating.

Jointown Glove - Jointown Medical Device - Jointown International

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