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Lansinoh Portable Manual Breast Pump Comfortable Handle

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  • Offers stimulation and expression modes for efficient pumping
  • Easy-express handle reduces hand fatigue. Simple to use and clean
  • Compatible with Lansinoh pumps, bottles and Breast Milk storage bags
  • Note: Box is not sealed but items are new, unused and still in the plastic with absolutely no signs of usage.

The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump offers a convenient solution for moms who need to pump occasionally. This Lansinoh Breast Pump is compact, lightweight and doesn't require electric power.The Lansinoh manual pump switches easily between Stimulation and Expression phases for more comfortable, efficient pumping. The ergonomic easy-express handle of this manual Breast Milk pump reduces hand fatigue. Includes two flange sizes (25mm and 30.5mm) with soft, flexible rims, to ensure comfort, suction and fit. 

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