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Staying Protected for Covid 19 With Personal Medical Device

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Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, has become a major buzzword in the current climate, but with so much information out there it can be difficult to know what products are best to use.

Jointown Mask – Jointown Medical Device – Jointown International

The Most Essential Jointown Medical Devices

When it comes to Jointown medical devices, there are a range of key products which should be used to provide the utmost protection from contamination for healthcare personnel, Covid-19 patients, and the public.

Jointown Masks and Jointown Gowns

Products such as Jonitown mask and Jointown face shield can be used to prevent the spread of any Covid-19 germs between people. They can also remind us not to touch our faces with potentially unclean hands. If wearing a full-face shield it can be good practice to wear eye protection such as the Jointown goggles.

Jointown Gloves and Jointown Sanitizers

Bacteria can spread extremely easily via unclean hands. Making use of anti-bacterial sanitizers which can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria is recommended. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a sanitizer that is at least 60% ethyl alcohol. Jointown sanitizer has 75% ethyl alcohol providing top level protection against the spread of infection. It can also be good practice to use gloves between tasks, adding an extra level of protection.

How to use Jointown Medical Device Correctly

It is hugely important to make sure that all Jointown medical device is worn correctly. This will ensure that the wearer, and those they are assisting, are protected to a high standard.

You should check with your healthcare facility’s procedures, but a few top tips for making sure your medical protective devices are worn correctly include:

  • Ensuring the correct size isolation gown is worn and is tied correctly.
  • Wearing gloves when applicable which should cover wrists and cuffs of gowns.
  • Ensuring Jointown mask and Jointown face shield are fitted correctly. Don’t lower your mask below the nose or wear on your chin.
  • Eye protection shouldn’t interfere with your face covering, nor should the face covering interfere with any eye protection.
  • Make sure all Jointown medical device is disposed of carefully.

Why Jointown Medical Devices Works

Doctors wear Jointown mask to prepare the surgery - Jointown Medical Device - Jointown International

PPE can be incredibly successful at protecting the user, and those they are assisting, from the spread of infectious viruses and diseases. By changing gowns and gloves frequently, cleaning Jointown face shields and using disposable Jointown mask between contact with others, the risk of cross contamination is lowered. 

Jointown medical devices are tested to the highest standards ensuring both the wearer and those they are caring for maintain a high level of protection.

Using Jointown Medical Devices

At Jointown International we have a range of personal protective equipment to cover all your needs. Whether you need masks, gowns or goggles for the workplace, give one of our experts a call today to discuss how we can assist you.


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