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Guide To Donning Disposable Coveralls

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Step #1. Find A Suitable Location

Before donning your medical protective suit, it is essential to choose a suitable location. You should ensure the area is safe from contaminants and other workplace hazards, and that you have enough room to place items you need to remove before donning Jointown disposable coveralls. 

Step #2. Remove Potential Puncture Materials

Jewelry, footwear, and bulky clothing could puncture the protective suit, or make it challenging to seal. You also want to be comfortable during your work. Before putting on any medical protective suit, you must check it first, to ensure the seals are intact and there are no dangerous holes or cuts in the surface of the suit.

Step #3. Put On The Coveralls

When you are ready to don your disposable coveralls, you should carefully pass one foot through the ankle opening, and then repeat the process with your other foot. Gently pull the coveralls up to your waist, before inserting one arm though the cuff opening, and then repeating for the other side. 

Jointown Medical Device  – Jointown International

Ensure the cuff fits neatly, and if you are using a protective suit with knitted cuffs, then secure them with tape or gloves to reduce the risk of contamination. If you are unsure how to do this, then check with a professional, such as the experts at Jointown International.

Return to your ankle openings, roll the material upwards and put on your footwear. Roll the opening back down to ensure the ankle is covered, and with many suits, the coverings can slip over your footwear for added protection.

Step #4. Other Jointown Medical Devices

Depending on your needs, you may require other personal protective equipment (PPE), and now is the time to put on any masks, goggles or visors, before carefully pulling the hood over your head. It is crucial to check that the hood covers all exposed skin and your other PPE materials to minimize the chance of infection transference.

Pull up your zip to the level of your chin, and ensure any protective flaps are firmly sealed. For added protection, you can choose a suit that meets AAMI Level 2 standard zipper and Level 3 material standards. Jointown International can provide equipment that can meet these levels, and it’s essential you are confident in the quality of your suit.

Disposable Jointown Medical Device - Jointown International

Step #5. Gloves

Finally, put on your gloves, and check that there are no gaps between the glove cuff and your suit for damaging liquids or bacteria to invade. You may find having a colleague available to help can make this part easier. 


In addition, depending on your job, you may require a large degree of movement, so practice any relevant actions such as bending or reaching to ensure the Jointown medical protective suit is a comfortable fit.

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At Jointown Medical Device, we’ve been providing medical equipment and protective gear to a wide range of organizations for many years. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts and to view our exceptional high-quality range of equipment.

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